The multimedia project created by "CETMA"

The CETMA in Brindisi has created various multimedia content for “Teste Fiorite” designed to satisfy children’s desire for play and exploration.



The first project is an interactive video game for mobile devices called “Il forziere perduto,” set in 17th-century Brindisi. CETMA has designed and developed a mobile application game for smartphones and tablets, where users can fully immerse themselves in virtual scenarios and discover historical places and events in Brindisi through playful and educational challenges with varying levels of difficulty. This game, designed in the form of a treasure hunt, helps users enhance memory, observation, and logical thinking skills while acquiring knowledge about the artistic and historical aspects of the city of Brindisi.



CETMA has developed a multimedia platform for a “Virtual Library,” integrated with an interactive tracking system. This platform allows users to view a 3D virtual library and virtually access ancient texts, manuscripts, illuminated codices, unreleased historical photos of Brindisi from the 1900s, and antique cartographic maps, which are currently preserved at the Archdiocesan Library De Leo in Brindisi. Visitors can interact with these valuable manuscripts without holding any devices, simply by indicating their choices with their hand and performing the simple gesture of flipping through the air. The advanced tracking system can distinguish hand movements indicating specific content from general body movements. Once a text is selected, users can consult and view artistic details on a high-resolution TV monitor.
The 3D multimedia content is displayed on an interactive multimedia platform consisting of the following hardware:

  •  55″ 4K SAMSUNG TV monitor;
  • Control PC with integrated sensor;
  • Interactive software application for the CETMA Virtual Library.



CETMA has created a game integrated with “leap motion” sensor technology, allowing interaction solely through hand movements. The game is a memory game with multiple difficulty levels, featuring “fantastic animals” found in the city of Brindisi. Each time a user reveals a fantastic animal, created using cartoon techniques, a card appears describing the original and the location where it can be found.



Through a holographic panel positioned at the entrance of the library, the story of the first book printed in Brindisi is narrated. CETMA has set up a holographic corner composed of a suspended panel and a projector.

Biblioteca Teste Fiorite
Biblioteca Teste Fiorite
Biblioteca Teste Fiorite
Biblioteca Teste Fiorite
Biblioteca Teste Fiorite
Biblioteca Teste Fiorite